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Arena Changelog


Arena is proudly receiving a content update on every Tuesday. Most likely it is a new weapon, a new mutator, or a new achievement, but it can also be a major change such as a new game mode or game mechanism. These patches will always be free for everyone who has bought the game at any point.

Arena 1.0.28, 28th August

  • Re-release demo
  • Add one new mutator: Noclip

Arena 1.0.27, 21st August

  • Improve buttons
  • Add one new mutator: Claustrophobia

Arena 1.0.26, 14th August

  • Randomize firework and flame lifetime
  • Fix deprecated gl_FragColor in fragment shaders
  • Add one new mutator: Explosive

Arena 1.0.25, 7th August

  • Rework post-processing CRT shader to fix unreadable texts and jagged lines
  • Remove settings for camera and name tags (they have been standardized and become important parts of game design)
  • Remove Victory / Defeat statistics (rework coming soon)
  • Remove Team Deathmatch button from menu
  • Restrict maximum speed of fireflies
  • Add Play in Teams setting for Deathmatch and Last Man Standing

Arena 1.0.24, 31th July

  • Fix Fireworks not appearing as available weapon during match countdown
  • Add one new weapon: Moonsword

Arena 1.0.23, 24th July

  • Buff explosion damage
  • Nerf Blowtorch damage
  • Add one new weapon: Fireworks

Arena 1.0.22, 17th July

  • Add one new achievement: Self-Flagellation

Arena 1.0.21b, 11th July

  • Fix very rare crash when match countdown ends
  • Fix somewhat common crash when forfeiting matches

Arena 1.0.21, 10th July

  • Fix energy spheres and shurikens disobeying gravity with Ricochet mutator turned on
  • Add Select All / Deselect All buttons to mutators screen as well
  • Add a Play Again Derandomized button to keep randomized settings
  • Add one new achievement: In A Hurry

Arena 1.0.20, 3rd July

  • Change gravity behavior on energy spheres to be more juicy
  • Change shotgun to shoot 5 bullets instead of 6
  • Improve victory screen with awesome visuals (disclaimer: the dev is slightly biased :D)
  • Improve defeat screen with a friendly ghost
  • Add Select All / Deselect All buttons to weapons screen
  • Add one new weapon: Shuriken

Arena 1.0.19, 26th June

  • Challenge Me mutator is no longer randomized (it is annoying as it mostly instant-kills the player)
  • Fix rotation not being affected by slow motion and pause
  • Fix bots sometimes spawning in ground
  • Add one new weapon: Blowtorch

Arena 1.0.18, 19th June

  • Add Randomize & Play button to instant-play with random weapons, mutators and map
  • Add countdown before matches that displays active weapons and mutators
  • Add screen shake on explosions
  • Change the location and size of the slow-motion bar
  • Change death animation to be carried out slightly slower
  • Add one new mutator: Ricochet

Arena 1.0.17, 12th June

  • Improve weapon selection: remove mutator and introduce fully customisable Weapons Screen
  • Fix Javelin rotation always being 0 degrees if it hits instantly
  • Fix achievements: inconsistent colors, Locked/Unlocked word mismatch and one hidden in Unlocked status
  • Clean up and polish the Pause screen
  • Add one new achievement: Now What?

Arena 1.0.16, 5th June

  • Improve engine for further performance improvement and binary size decreasement
  • Liberalize Rocket Launchers Only mutator to allow any weapon to be chosen instead
  • Make plasma balls bounce off surfaces
  • Improve alternative fire mode of the plasma gun
  • Add option to play alone
  • Add option to disable HUD
  • Fix console window appearing
  • Fix game-breaking “1 bots” text to “1 bot”
  • Add one new mutator: Dual Shoot

Arena 1.0.15, 29th May

  • Improve falling leaf sprite
  • Improve performance and reduce binary size (probably unnoticeable, but I did housekeeping!)
  • Move Mutators to their own screen to save space
  • Fix weapon facing right for 1 frame after acquiring
  • Increase Gun RandomiZer weapon switch interval by 1 second
  • Add Pace setting

Arena 1.0.14, 22nd May

  • Improve explosion particle effect
  • Improve bullet impact particle effect
  • Improve smoke particle effect
  • Improve damage splat particle effect
  • Improve dust particle effect (after landing a jump)
  • Improve plasma particle effect
  • Improve energy explosion particle effect
  • Add plasma arc trail to plasma ball
  • Fix lavafall depth
  • Lower gravity and rotation speed on cartridges
  • Polish Pause screen
  • Polish menu titles
  • Remove smoke from rocket trail
  • Remove exponential acceleration from plasma ball
  • Tweak post-processing shader for a more vivid look
  • Add Exit button to menu
  • Update How to Play screen with Double Jump and Pause
  • Add one new mutator: Gun RandomiZer

Arena 1.0.13, 15th May

  • Add one new achievement: Calculated

Arena 1.0.12, 8th May

  • Add pause screen
  • Add one new mutator: Freeze

Arena 1.0.11, 1st May

  • Remove Statistics screen and move its content onto the Achievements screen
  • Switch from TrueType Font rendering to faster and lightweight prerendered font bitmaps
  • Switch to a faster and more optimized build system
  • Update menu title logo
  • Update button visuals
  • Polish team scoreboard
  • Polish achievement received text
  • Fix bug with the parallax backgrounds that caused a 1 pixel break between background segments
  • Remove tracking forfeits statistics

Arena 1.0.10, 24th April

  • Reorganize matchmaking screens and add a Back button on them
  • Fix being able to receive achievement Mutator multiple times
  • Increase the number audio sources to fix missing sounds
  • Add one new mutator: Rapid Fire

Arena 1.0.9, 17th April

  • Add one new achievement: Lord Of War

Arena 1.0.8, 10th April

  • Add one new achievement: Explorer

Arena 1.0.7, 3rd April

  • Add Easter Cosmetics

Arena 1.0.6, 27th March

  • Fix achievement notifications being invisible
  • Make frames one millisecond longer
  • Add one new achievement: Bragging Rights

Arena 1.0.5, 20th March

  • Make camera spawn on top of player in the beginning of a match
  • Add one new mutator: Challenge Me

Arena 1.0.4, 13th March

  • Fix FPS capping not working properly
  • Add red trail to rocket launcher
  • Add whoosh sound effect to revolver spinning
  • Add one new weapon: Javelin

Arena 1.0.3, 6th March

  • Release demo
  • Add slight bullet trail to bullet projectiles
  • Increase sniper bullet size and speed, decrease fire rate
  • Add alternative fire mode to sniper rifle
  • Add one new achievement: Sniper

Arena 1.0.2, 27th February

  • Fix projectiles facing east in their first frame
  • Add sound effect for getting achievements
  • Polish firework effect on victory screen
  • Change alternative fire mode of plasma gun to a short-ranged flurry attack
  • Add spinning animation to revolver
  • Unify the sprite of locked achievements (this may look like a step backwards, but saves space on the texture atlas for more achievements and is easy on the loading time too)
  • Add one new achievement: Triple Kill

Arena 1.0.1, 20th February

  • Optimize performance
  • Remove timestamp from the bottom-right corner and put the version in vX.Y.Z format in window title instead
  • Rename ‘Game’ to ‘Arena’ in window title
  • Fix achievement notifications disappearing too early
  • Move some settings to a dedicated options screen
  • Add setting that makes the camera lean towards the mouse
  • Add setting that disables name tags
  • Make input fields remember their previous state across screens
  • Customize weapon scalings to make them look more even
  • Add one new weapon: Sniper Rifle

Arena 1.0.0, 13th February

  • Release game

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