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Devrand, name inspired by the Unix file /dev/random, is a programming blog written with huge pauses and zero expertise. It utilizes a custom engine that statically compiles the pages with the following principles: readability, speed and low bandwidth usage. Other goals for the website are no cookies and no tracking, no ads or popups, and no JavaScript. All in all, I want you to have a simple and pleasant reading experience while you are here. ♥


Tale of the Tormenting Trailer

2018-08-29 | 788 words | 4 minutes

Sorry, I am probably having way too much fun with titles. Do you know what else I like having fun with? Video games, of course! But what’s the most important tool to market a game? Trailers are, or at least that is the opinion backed by a large amount of articles, but I am not convinced. In fact, if I can choose between a trailer and a screenshot, I always go with the latter. Enough about me - I still had to do a trailer for Arena, and it was painful.

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The Daunting Demo Dilemma

2018-08-20 | 698 words | 4 minutes

Two posts in two days? I have just reached a new personal best! I looked back at previous versions of Arena and got seriously frightened when I realized how bad it looked compared to the latest build. It looked… repelling. Not long after that came the second realization - the game has a demo version out there with that troubling old look. Re-releasing the demo has immediately become number one priority. But what demo is a good demo?

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The UI from KISS to Polished

2018-08-19 | 566 words | 3 minutes

Unfortunately, KISS does not stand for the American rock band here, but for the super important phrase, “Keep it simple, stupid”. It has been a major part of the design philosophy of Arena - aim for the minimal-viable-game and get it out there. Getting real feedback from players and acting accordingly is going to do way more good than perfecting every detail in the game first and releasing only after the death of the Universe. In this post, I will be showing the very first version of the UI with emphasis on functionality, which then improved aesthetically over time.

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Act 1, Scene 1, Enter Untitled Online

2018-08-13 | 1215 words | 7 minutes

My hobby: releasing games with placeholders and temporary elements. The other game I am developing is still using programmer’s art after months of its release. I can surely do better than that! To prove that right, I have an upcoming game which already triumphs in that category with its name - Untitled Online. The only way it would be better is if I called it Untitled Online(1). Although it is not released at the time of writing, it certainly deserves a few introductory words.

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A New Take on the CRT Shader

2018-08-03 | 568 words | 3 minutes

The first somewhat-serious post-processing shader I wrote and released is now gone. I mean, it still lives in the depths of a version control system, but it is extremely likely that I am not going to touch it ever again. The fragment shader has been making the game look retro for as long as 24 updates, or in human terms, 175 days. Your lines of code will always be remembered. Rest in peace, crt.frag!

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The Future of Arena

2018-06-02 | 1154 words | 6 minutes

Arena is receiving weekly updates - this is probably no big news since I talk about this everywhere, but it is worth a mention here as this post is to collect all the plans and ideas I have for the game. At the time of writing there have been 15 updates released in… 15 weeks. (Wow, this really deserves an r/theydidthemath post). Arena is currently sitting at version 1.0.15, is it going to be 1.0.45 by the end of 2018? Or rather, is the whole project going to be abandoned before that can happen?

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Arena Changelog

2018-04-24 | 1288 words | 7 minutes

Arena is proudly receiving a content update on every Tuesday. Most likely it is a new weapon, a new mutator, or a new achievement, but it can also be a major change such as a new game mode or game mechanism. These patches will always be free for everyone who has bought the game at any point.

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Arena Masterpost

2018-02-13 | 547 words | 3 minutes

Arena - the deathmatch simulator - is a lightweight 2D indie game in the platformer and shooter genres. It features highly customizable matchmaking and fast paced gameplay. Classic elements such as rocket jumping, slow motion and double jumping are featured for more intense action. The game is single player only.

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